Meet Our Board of Directors

Atlanta Georgia  Headshot Photographer - Stephanie Briana Photography

Davida Roach
CEO & President

She is passionate about empowering young women on how to practice safe dating habits and self-care. Since the death of her sister Deanndra Roach, Davida pursued her master’s degree in Criminal Justice and began work in Law Enforcement to help her understand the dynamics of domestic violence which prepared her to create Dear Deanndra. Her goal is to normalize conversations about victimization to spread awareness in hopes to put an end to dating violence for teens.

Atlanta Georgia  Headshot Photographer - Stephanie Briana Photography

Bernadette Pannier
Marketing and Communications

Author, entrepreneur, wife and speaker. She is a voice of strength for other survivors of domestic violence. She kept silent in shame for years after her assault. Now understanding the importance of speaking out, telling her story, and impowering other women. Her life goal is to turn the conversation into support, love, light, and education for survivors and eliminate the shame.

Atlanta Georgia  Headshot Photographer - Stephanie Briana Photography

Anniah Watson
General Board Member

Studying Neuroscience and Psychology at Georgia State University in hopes to pursue a career as a Neuropsychologist that specializes in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She has dedicated over one thousand hours of community service to mentoring young students in the Atlanta Public School system. As an advocate for domestic violence survivors she believes that every day is a chance for you to change your life and others; by letting your light shine, you unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.


Melissa Joiner
Donor Relations Manager

Melissa specializes in philanthropic professionalism. She is also a former wellness program manager advocating the importance of women prioritizing their self care to be happy, healthy and thriving. Studying integrated nutrition and how lifestyle can impact your health she stresses the importance of recognizing what is or isn't serving your best self, finding and using your voice and being confident in the decisions that benefit the whole of you and she is passionate about spreading awareness for domestic violence.