About Us

Dear Deanndra was founded in 2018 to help make an impact on domestic violence awareness. In 2016, my sister Deanndra Roach was murdered at the age of 18 by her ex-boyfriend. It was a traumatic event that still haunts me to this day. This pain motivated me to leave my job, work in law enforcement and get my master’s degree in Criminal Justice so that I could be educated on domestic violence and become a competent leader for my nonprofit organization.

Dear Deanndra is a nonprofit organization created to spread awareness on dating violence for teens through social media campaigns and mentorship. Dear Deanndra began in Charleston, SC and our operations stretch from all the way to Atlanta, GA. Dear Deanndra has presented various speaking engagements including colleges throughout the southeast. The organization has hosted successful and entertaining fundraising events and instructed and mentored young ladies about healthy relationships, safe dating, identifying toxic relationships and personal development. We are known for curating memorable and empowering fundraising events for all ages to enjoy. We are most proud of making an impact on hundreds of young girls with our empowerment and social media presence.

Our Why

1.5M high schoolers in the US have admitted to being abused by someone they are dating and 50% of them are likely to commit suicide. With these alarming statistics, it is imperative that we work with our community, our sponsors, local schools and our partners to help put an end to domestic violence and save lives. Dating typically starts in teenage years, so we work to provide our young ladies with the right tools to safely date and identify red flags early on and speak up about it

In loving memory of Deanndra Roach. Read more about her story, here.